New Direction

Second Obligatory Post

I know, very exciting! Normally I would say that it’s hard to follow up a first act, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue in this case. Also, you may be asking why the penguin. Because all of our market research finds that cute animals with photos that match our color scheme do well! Well… maybe it’s the first photo from the collection we found that fit the mood we are trying to set. Speaking of market, we at Stone’s Throw now are developing three websites so it looks like we will have to up our interwebs game. One site is for a very experienced and specialized personal trainer’s new jump into the world of cyberspace and providing a larger part of his service to his dear clientele. Another one of the sites is a digital portfolio for a very accomplished opera vocalist who has decided she needs a stronger internet presence. Both people involved are brilliant, so it just means presenting them in their best light.

In fact, I made a little prototype of a social media video of yours truly showing off a really cool work station centered around a Murphy bed designed, manufactured and installed by #resourcefurniture. I then specified for upper cabinet storage above as well as a little bit of lighting hanging from the ceiling and a small desk light. Think my favorite part of the video is watching the open iPad as the desk is collapsed. Sadly, this belongs to a client and isn’t my work desk. At the end of the day, it would be pretty cool to just fold your desk/papers out of site to keep them out of mind and replace it with a cozy little bed.

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